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Women in Psychiatric Genetics
Strategies to Address the Gender Gap in Career Progression
Reception Event for ALL
Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 4:30pm – 6:30pm
The well-documented gender gap that starts early in the career ladder is as true is in psychiatric genetics as it is in other fields. While the problem is well-stated, what are the solutions and are they different for academic vs clinical careers? While the problem is about women’s careers, the solutions need support and implementation by both sexes. Five panel members will share strategies to address the gender-gap problem.

Professor Barbara Franke from Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands and is recognized advocate for women in science. The low proportion of female professors in the Netherlands compared to other European countries has resulted in a 2017 national quota policy. Is this a good or bad idea?

Professor Sir Mike Owen is, among other accolades, part of the Senior Management Team of the School of Medicine at Cardiff University. In the UK, the Athena SWAN Charter provides a framework to recognize commitment to advancing the careers of women in Higher Education through good employment practice.  Cardiff holds the Athena Swan Bronze Award. What strategies have been implemented to achieve this award, and what strategies are they trying out to gain Silver?

Professor Cynthia Bulik splits her time between her research groups in North Carolina, USA and Stockholm, Sweden and has also led clinical and research teams in New Zealand. She has a unique and contemporary global view of careers for women. As a recipient of multiple mentorship awards and as author of “The Woman in the Mirror,” she brings a wealth of deep-thinking about gender-specific issues. How can we stop losing women at the higher rungs of the academic ladder?

Professor Noriko Osumi is a neurodevelopmental researcher at Tohoku University School of Medicine in Sendai, Japan, where she is a strong for advocate for women in science. Japan is one of the worst performing countries on the Gender Gap Index, but the issues are complex. Are culture-specific approaches needed to address the gender gap in career progression?

Dr. Julie Collens is an Associate Director at Illumina leading the Complex Disease Market Development Team. Illumina has recently implemented new strategies to increase the number of women holding senior positions. What perspective and solutions can we get from industry that face the same gender gap issues.

Dr. Joshua Gordon was appointed director of the NIMH in 2016. He oversees an annual research budget of $1.5B and so we wonder what strategies he might implement to advance the careers of women?

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