Oral and Poster Finalist

Congratulations to the 2017 Oral and Poster Finalist! 

Oral Presentation Finalist

Till Andlauer, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Genetic Factors Influencing the Common Neurobiological Substrate for Mental Disorders

Samuel Chawner, Cardiff University
A Genetic First Approach to Dissecting the Heterogeneity of Autism: Phenotypic Comparison of Autism Risk Copy Number Variants

Lucia Colodro Conde, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
A Direct Test of the Diathesis-Stress Model for Depression

Sandra Sanchez-Roige, University of California San Diego
Genome-Wide Association Study of Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) Scores in an Unselected Cohort of 20,328 Research Participants of European Ancestry: Rs41973904 and Beyond

Tarjinder Singh, Massachusetts General Hospital
Initial Results from the Meta-Analysis of the Whole-Exomes of Over 20,000 Schizophrenia Cases and 45,000 Controls

Ellen Verhoef, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics             
Polygenic Risk for ADHD is Associated with Reading- And Spelling Related Traits Beyond Pleiotropic Effects Due to Educational Attainment

Raymond Walters, Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute      
Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of >14,000 Alcohol Dependent Individuals Highlights Psychiatric Comorbidities

Kyoko Watanabe, VU Amsterdam
FUMA: Functional Mapping and Annotation of Genetic Associations

Shantel Weinsheimer, Institute for Biological Psychiatry, MHC Sct. Hans, Mental Health Services – Copenhagen
Genome-Wide Methylomic Analysis of Neonatal Blood from Danish Twins Discordant for Mental Illness

Donna Werling, University of California San Francisco
Limited Contribution of Rare, Noncoding Variation to Autism Spectrum Disorder from Sequencing of 2,076 Genomes in Quartet Families

Shuyang Yao, Karolinska Institute
Overlap Between Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa: Understanding Genetic and Environmental Effects in a Swedish Population Registry

Poster Presentation Finalist

Aleix Arnau Soler, Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Distinct Genetic Vulnerabilities-By-Stressful Life Events Interactions Propose Additional Risk for Depressive Symptoms

Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne, University of Queensland     
Inter-Individual Cortical and Subcortical Similarity is Associated with Differences in Psychiatric, Cognition and Socio-Economic Traits

Rujia Dai, The State Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Central South University
Evaluation and Co-Expression of Marker Genes of Cell Types in Brain

Claire Foley, Trinity College Dublin
Identification of Phenotypic Predictors of Pathogenic Copy Number Variants in a Psychosis Population

Héléna Gaspar, King’s College London  
Biological Pathways and Drug Gene-Sets: Analysis and Visualization

Jerry Guintivano, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PPD ACT, an App-Based Postpartum Depression Genetic Study

Eilis Hannon, University of Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter
Pleiotropic Effects of Genetic Variation Associated with Psychiatric Disorders on DNA Methylation

David Howard, University of Edinburgh
The Identification of Heterogeneous Genetic Subgroups for Major Depressive Disorder

Carol Kan, King’s College London
Polygenic Dissection of T2DM and Depressive Symptoms

Sandra Martin-Brevet, CHUV
Quantifying the Effects of 16p11.2 CNVS on Brain Structure, a Multi-Site ‘Genetic-First’ MRI Study

Veera Rajagopal, Aarhus University
Genome-Wide Association Study of Learning Disorders in the Danish Population

Elliott Rees, Medical Research Council Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics, Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University
Targeted Sequencing of 187 Putative Schizophrenia Risk Genes in 5,207 Cases and 4,991 Controls

Catherine Schramm, Sainte Justine Hospital      
Quantifying the Effect of Copy-Number Variants on General Intelligence in Unselected Populations

Xueyi Shen, University of Edinburgh      
Resting State Functional Dynamics in Major Depressive Disorder and Relationship with Polygenic Risk Loading: Evidence from UK Biobank

Anna Starnawska, Aarhus University     
Differential DNA Methylation at Birth Associated with Mental Disorder in Individuals With 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome

Rona Strawbridge, University of Glasgow
Genome-Wide Analysis of Risk-Taking Behaviour in 116 255 Individuals from the UK Biobank Cohort and Cross-Disorder Genetic Correlations